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Value Analysis.

Value Analysis is a project management best practice decision making tool to find alternative solutions to problems and achieve best value for money in projects, processes, systems and products.

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What is the CSVA?

The CSVA is a non profit society that is helping Canadians stay competitive by improving value in their projects, processes and products through the application of the value methodologies.

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VA / VE / VM Training

Continue learning and improve your value management and decision making skills through Value Analysis Training

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Symposium Group Rate Announced
The Canadian Value Symposium 2014 GROUP RATE ANNOUNCED ...
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Please find more information in French ...  Taking ...
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The Canadian Value Symposium 2014, hosted by the Canadian Society of Value Analysis (CSVA) will take place November 17th and 18th, at the Eaton Chelsea in Downtown Toronto. The theme of this year’s Symposium is: Solving Problems and Improving Value...
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Are you interested in improving the value and quality of a project? Are you looking for a structured approach to innovation? Do you want to be part of the creative process and generate alternative solutions? If you said YES to the questions above, improve your skills by attending ...
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 February 14, 2014 at 13:30 pm. Place:    1062 Pembridge Crescent               Kingston, Ontario               K7P 1P3 Phone:  (613) 384-3962 13:30 pm             CALL TO ORDER   1.      Opening statement and validation of quorum ...
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